My story

One of the things I love about taking photographs is making other people happy. If they're happy, so am I. That moment I show the photographs of them or their loved ones and they are pleased with what they see. I know then that I have done a good job. 


I enjoy catching those casual and natural moments, they usually make the best photographs. I've been framing memories in this way - photographing everything and everyone - for as long as I can remember. I've also learnt to enjoy the moment as well, which is important too.

I started taking photography more seriously about ten years ago, art directing my own photo shoots and entering the photographs I had taken for various portrait photography awards. Awards (so far) remain elusive, but I enjoy it all sthe same


Incase you're wondering about the 'Honey Bee' bit ('Bee' means 'Deborah' in Hebrew, so it just made sense as a business name, especially as my nickname is 'busy bee'!) 

I love catching that magical moment between two people, a family or a group of friends. Natural reactions and interactions are best. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing the results and reactions of the people who are in the photographs when they see (and like) what I have captured for them.

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